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Why are you on this website?

Maybe it’s because you suffer with some of the following:
Nicotine Addiction,
Weight Control Issues,
Low Self-Esteem,
Panic Attacks,
Poor Motivation,
If you answered yes, to any of the above then you are definitely on the correct website!

You’re probably here because you’d like to solve a problem using  Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy at a Clinic in Belfast.
My goal is to help you to achieve what you really want – With YOU back in control and with results that last!




Perhaps you’ve heard of Fast Track Hypnosis from your friends, or thanks to the joys of the World Wide Web, you’ve stumbled across this webpage.

Either way, if your life is being plagued by any of those issues mentioned above, then you should thank your friends and the search engine!


Because Fast Track Hypnosis is an exclusive and extraordinary treatment. It’s a method that I myself created and which no other can copy. Through the melding of traditional hypnotherapy and specialized technology, I’ve created a technique, which has helped change the lives of over fifty five thousand people and a hefty number of those have left testimonials, which you can find on my site.

The mind is an incredible tool and contains a wealth of power. Fast Track Hypnosis garners that power and retrains the mind, ultimately changing the way you lead your life!
Fast Track Hypnosis is unique to my clinics and if you live in the Northern Ireland, then the techniques and myself are here and ready to help you.

Alan GilchristAlan Gilchrist Put to the test

For over twenty-six years, I’ve been known as Ulster’s Top Hypnotherapist and for all of those years; my main base has been at the Belfast Hypnotherapy Centre. With nearly three decades within my profession, I’m the longest-practicing and most experienced hypnotherapist in Ulster.

During that time, I’ve opened clinics all around Northern Ireland and have recently made the move into Spain and it is within these two great countries that I’ve helped  many tens of thousands of people to overcome their problems.

stop smoking hypnosis

I’ve become particularly well known within local press for my Stop Smoking clinics, which occur within thirty minutes. And yes, you read that correctly! You can free yourself from the smoking bug within half an hour and

all without the so-called, expensive Stop Smoking aids or withdrawal symptoms! even proving the system on TV
Clients can and do leave my practice free from their addiction and already on their way to leading a healthier and happier life!

For confidentiality reasons, I can’t divulge my list of clients. But among the list have been various World Champions from a range of sports, actors, Film stars, Movie producers, international authors, singers, musicians, TV and Radio personalities as well as members of the medical profession!

Even the rich, famous and learned suffer with problems! Be it poor concentration, a lack of focus, detrimental self-confidence issues or an inability to relax, Fast Track Hypnosis has  helped them attain even more success!

My techniques have been well- reported within the local and national press and you may have also seen some of my articles in magazines and newspapers, discussing the efficacy of Hypnotherapy.
Perhaps, like one of the many thousands Fast Track Hypnosis has helped, you’re ready to take that next step. You’re tired of all the baggage that comes from a phobia. Perhaps you’re about to make an important speech in front of a convention or you’re dreading your honeymoon, because of your fear of flying.

Fast Track Hypnosis can help, because it  trains you to help yourself. You are in charge of your own life.
Not your addiction or your phobia and by visiting this site, you’ve admitted it.

Feel free to look around and read some of the testimonials posted from genuine, happy clients. You could shortly be one of them.


Alan Gilchrist

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